2017 ingenuity declared draft form

2017 draft of the General Assembly is a session of the General Assembly, many teams use a different form of announcement to announce their third day of the draft pick.

Houston Texas chose to let the astronauts in space to help the team announce their draft pick, while the Indianapolis pony chose to let the zoo monkeys to announce the team’s draft pick, in short, are ingenuity, attract fans Their eyes.

Lin Chimei newspaper full-page advertising thanks to the Hawks fans

Marshawn Lynch, the former Seattle Seahawks, now has to return to his hometown to join the Auckland Raiders, but he is still very grateful to the Hawks fans.

Lynch recently bought a genuine advertising page for the Seattle Times Illustrated Sunday to express his gratitude to the Hawks fans and thanks to the team owner Paul Allen.

And Seattle Seahawks have become one of the ingenuity, but with the first two teams than their announcement is not surprising, they chose to let a diver to announce the team’s 187 draft picks, it is worth noting that The diver is behind the 12-man banner.

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