Peterson may have to wait until after the draft to get the team favored

Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) have to wait.

Unless there is a huge turning point, the former Minnesota Vikings star running back is expected not to get the team before the draft of the favor.
The intention of the team will continue to pay attention to the state of Peterson, but he still have to wait.

This is not surprising. Peterson had met with the New England Patriots and the New Orleans saints, but neither team had given him a contract. This year’s draft has a lot of excellent running back, compared with their 32-year-old Peterson older and more expensive price.

Although many teams need to strengthen the runway position, Peterson is not suitable for participation in passing attack. Pittson is still likely to contribute as a force-type runner in the first two races, but he is a veteran player with a serious injury history, and his worth is not cheap.

Last month, Peterson said he was “in no hurry” to find a new team on Twitter, which could mean that he knew it was hard to find the next home soon.

After the draft, the teams will evaluate their configuration in the runway position and again consider whether Pittson is fit. There are not many potential home. He may be close to the start of the preseason or even to the regular season will find a new team.

Few people will expect that, as one of the best players of this generation, Peterson’s fate so suddenly changed.

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