Detroit Lions announced next season new jersey design

New season, new weather. US time Thursday, Detroit Lions announced the new jersey design.

Although it looks very similar to the previous version, but there are still a few small different.

Uniforms, team marks and helmet in the black element is gone, replaced by silver, jerseys and helmet on the digital font also changed.

Restricted free agent April 21 can be signed with his team contract. But the jets do not have to worry about having to match too much quotes.

According to ESPN reporters, cornerkeeper Marcus Williams (Marcus Williams) recently signed with the team to complete the tender contract. After the NFL media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) also reported that the center Wesley – Johnson (Wesley Johnson) is no different. They are signed at the second round, 2017 is expected to account for $ 2,764,000.

Former starter center Nick – Mangold (Nick Mangold) was injured, Johnson was in danger, and Man Gode’s termination and put him in the forefront of the lineup.

Williams in the past three seasons in the jets played 34 games, made nine steals, and sometimes also play security guards, but still corner guard more handy. The jet is likely to pick the team when the lineup, Williams’s role probably to the time to decide.

Home, away and optional (gray) jerseys are sewn on the right cuff “LIONS”, the left cuff is “WCF” (to commemorate William – Clay – Ford {William Clay Ford}).

Detroit next season Thanksgiving war is expected to wear retro jerseys (1934).

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