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Brown intends to trade up to the top eight pick to pick quarterback

In the 2017 draft there are two days away, Cleveland Brown began to move.

Brown, who had the top pick and the twelfth pick, needed a good quarterback, and for a long time rumors had said that Brown might use a lot of high picks in his hand as a bargaining deal to pick the future Of the quarterback. Many reports indicate that Brown’s fancy is Mitchell Trubisky, a quarterback from the University of North Carolina.

There is now tangible evidence of these rumors.

Michael Silver reported on Tuesday that Brown had discussed the possibility of trading up with at least three teams in the top eight.

“Brown has been trying to study the possibility of doing so,” said Hill. “As far as I know at least three of the top eight teams have been contacted by Brown and the two sides have discussed the possibility of trading upwards, and it may be true that there will be a deal when it comes to picking these teams because it is clear that if Brown’s goal Is Mitchell – Chubbieski and he is to be elected earlier than expected, then these discussions have no meaning.

List of small hills

New England Patriots

For older Brady, keeping the “young” secret on the floor may not only depend on himself. Patriots provided him with a long time to miss the depth of the team. Billichick kept telling the team that it was not easy to get the playoff home advantage, but they had been among the top two in the league for seven consecutive years to avoid playing cards. After adding Gillmore, if you can leave Malcom Butler, then this second-line defense is enough to become the league’s top. Any less than the United States and the first two achievements can be seen as a failure, this is what we are Billichick to the patriots painted the minimum standards.

“Brown is still likely to pick Chubisky with a champion,” he said, “and they may trade down to pick him at a position below the pick.” It’s now more likely to use the twelfth The draft picks up to get Chubisky up.

After Brown’s picking order is the San Francisco 49, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguar, Tennessee Titan, New York Jets, Los Angeles Lightning and Carolina Panthers. In addition to Titan and Panthers, all the remaining teams have a demand in the quarterback position. Lightning management has hinted that they would consider selecting a quarterback as a successor to Philip Rivers.

Although the quarterback to participate in this year’s draft is considered unmanned talent can be discharged into the top ten, you never know these lovers in the most important position in the draft will be how to fill the loopholes. For the draft day trading, everything is possible.

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