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Tony Romo did not play last year did not play the number of jerseys, but his four teammates Daoshi sales explosion.

Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott with the regular season brave performance won the 2016 season jersey sales list second. Quarterback Dak Prescott followed by third. Outsider Dez Bryant and near-front Jason Witten scored nine, ten.

According to media statistics, jersey sales for the first two consecutive years belong to the new England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady.


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Giant took over Odell Beckham Jr.

Patriot near Rob Gronkowski

Hawks quarterback Carson Wentz

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

Steel man took over Antonio Brown

Mustang Line Von Miller

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Raiders line guard Khalil Mack

The Patriots took over Julian Edelman


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Jacksonville Jaguar last off the season spent a lot of money hope the team in the 2016 season can be a breakthrough, the results of their last season, 3 wins and 13 losses.

There are a lot of reasons for the poor performance of the team, where the team quarterback Blake – Bortles (Blake Bortles) poor performance is one of the reasons for it, if he wants the team to move forward, then Bosses need to continue to strengthen Trained.

Berters recently revealed that he has been 2 months and 2 quarterback coach training, the United States on Sunday he revealed his passing training program, said his performance better than last season.

“I enjoy this kind of thing and spend my time here, because it ‘s all right, and I feel that all my performance is improving, how to control the ball, and how to handle the passing,” he said.

Bauts said he was not good at the beginning of the season. Now we can expect the Bertes training effect will have an impact on his game performance, but he wants to know that he may be the league last season, the worst quarterback, especially the 15 yards of his pass Whether the performance is bad.

If the Jaguar want to break any next season, then, Bertes obviously need to do a lot of things.


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In recent weeks, Marshawn Lynch’s comeback news is endless about whether he will come back next season to help the Auckland Raiders campaign is still unknown, but at least this week he visited the Raiders.

US time on Friday, Lynch’s personal store site merchandise gives a huge hint.

Lynch’s website, Beast mode online sales site appeared four new products, it is interesting that they are using a black silver color, which is racing color, two of which even have a black silver helmet in the above.

As this does not mean that Lynch will pay, perhaps just to support his home team in a form of expression.

But you find the words you will find some written “BEAST MODE OAKLAND” clothes, maybe Lynch’s comeback is imperative.